Those that seek to change the world

In the past two weeks, I have listened, learned and been inspired by great story tellers, minds and characters.

First up was Peter Senge – he helped me remember  to think in systems when looking at my business and others.

A week later, I had eight speakers in one day at the Power Within. Christopher Gardner (Pursuit of Happiness fame) was my favorite with a close second being Jamie Clarke (climbed Everest).

Last night, I was at the Orange Helmet awards to celebrate amateur football in British Columbia. It was encouraging to see so many dedicated coaches who are focused on impacting our kids for the better. To top off the night we heard from Rudy.

So after all that I am convinced we:

  • Can make a difference
  • Need passion
  • Need inspiration (Don’t let silly thoughts get in the way – Rudy)
  • Need commitment and of course
  • Need to act!
  • Find success in the journey

So tomorrow is Monday – will I change? I hope so.


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