IABC Gold Quill – Learning from the best

This past weekend, I had the honour of being an IABC Gold Quill judge in San Francisco. My video below highlights the weekend. I caught a cold on my way back to Vancouver – I start the video a little slow. I get more animated as I remember the great people and entries. I hope you enjoy hearing what I learned and add to it by commenting.



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3 responses to “IABC Gold Quill – Learning from the best

  1. Great post Ryan! Agreed on all counts on the value of thinking through strategy and always pushing toward outcomes. Very much enjoyed debating the merits of our entries — I’ve definitely come away with a clearer definition of what good research, benchmarking and outcomes include. I’ll share my thoughts soon on my blog!

  2. Jennifer Wah

    Hey Ryan,
    A shout-out right back! (Certainly wasn’t expecting that – fun!)

    Like I said to you there, you did yourself proud down there. Your family, your company, but – most of all – your community of fellow communicators can all know that you brought a very smart Ryan to the table, and everyone benefited from that.

    Thanks for being there – now how about coffee or lunch? You can help me with TweetDeck, and I’ll evangelize about accreditation and how that needs to be your next step! 🙂

    Take care, and keep me posted on the baby news! (Hugs to your dad, too!)

  3. Cool post. Interesting inside look at the judging. Like the video post, too.

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