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Social media measurement and the ‘Hawthorne Effect’

This week’s video blog remembers the wisdom of Elton Mayo and applies his research to social media measurement.

Here are my two reactions when I think about the Elton Mayo’s Hawthorn Effect and social media measurement:

  1. Wow the possibilities!

  2. Oh no, we can really mess this up if we are not careful.

A resource for a more precise look at the Hawthorne Effect.

An example of the new powerful tools – Social Radar.


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Is there anything new under the sun?

This video is the first in a series that focuses on the evolution of employee research and what that means for us today.

Let me know what you think.

The opportunity today:

Social media and employee engagement

The original writings:

Mary Parker Follett

Fredrick Winslow Taylor

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Video Blog Series on Employee Research

Today, I am launching a video blog series on the evolution of employee research. This series will highlight significant historical milestones, thought leaders, practitioners, and market demands. I will explore issues like the confusion in the use of terms like employee engagement and the choice of research practices. These issues can be traced back to events, fads and conflicting ideas. I look forward to your insights and conversations arising from this series.


What other events, fads or conflicting ideas can be captured in this discussion?

The next post will be the first video blog. I will introduce scientific and humanistic management.

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How to make good decisions

The most useful tool in my tool box has been a decision making framework. This is a tool that clarifies my context, balances my thought process and identifies available resources. A framework has been my most useful tool because it helps me make better decisions. When I am planning for TWI Surveys, scoping out a project for a client or getting ready for a new baby, I run through the framework.

Below is a simplified planning model I use. Planning can and should be more complex than this model, but I find a simplified model helpful in making quick assessments. If it is a big decision more complexity can be added.

Here is the challenge. Can you make this model better without making it more complex?


Here are some other resources for making decisions:

The case for making decisions
The Decision Making Pocket Book

Where decisions can be life or death:

The US Air Force framework
The US Naval War College framework

Engineers have great models:

MIT IS&T Decision Making Framework
Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

If you use a decision making model please share it and how it has helped you.

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