How to make good decisions

The most useful tool in my tool box has been a decision making framework. This is a tool that clarifies my context, balances my thought process and identifies available resources. A framework has been my most useful tool because it helps me make better decisions. When I am planning for TWI Surveys, scoping out a project for a client or getting ready for a new baby, I run through the framework.

Below is a simplified planning model I use. Planning can and should be more complex than this model, but I find a simplified model helpful in making quick assessments. If it is a big decision more complexity can be added.

Here is the challenge. Can you make this model better without making it more complex?


Here are some other resources for making decisions:

The case for making decisions
The Decision Making Pocket Book

Where decisions can be life or death:

The US Air Force framework
The US Naval War College framework

Engineers have great models:

MIT IS&T Decision Making Framework
Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

If you use a decision making model please share it and how it has helped you.


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