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Welcome Kate Williams to the World!

No blog posting this week but a couple of pictures from a proud Dad!


7 pounds 15 ounces Born @ 10 am on May 21, 2009


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In addition to – integration with social media is key

This short blog post is focused on the phrase in addition to.”

The first time I heard the phrase was when Shel Holtz used it on FIR.
Shel got me thinking and when I went to an IABC/BC social media meet-up this week, it reminded me that what we have always done is still very important – be face to face.

We are social beings. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook help connect some of our social bonds; however, we still need to sit down and share a drink, eat some food together and share stories.

Many organizations are setting up exclusive social media functions internally. This is short sighted. The effective social media function should be integrated with corporate communications. To build sustainable communities with a long term view (more than a fad or campaign) on how our efforts enhance sales, our brands, and employee performance etc. – our social media tactics will have to be in addition to many other traditional tactics that glue us together.

Personal Update:
My wife is 7 days overdue and I am a little distracted, so I hope this short post was a complete thought. Next week baby pictures – can’t you wait?

My new little one at 25 weeks.



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Does aiming for employee happiness undermine engagement?

Many studies over the years have proven that satisfied/happy employees are more profitable.

The result has been the increase of entitlements and entitlement programs with tangible results.

What if this evidence leads us to short term gains that are unsustainable?

Happy Happy People

Happy Happy People

Here is my theory – when we use incentive based leadership, we can measure a short term impact that can be quantified into a ROI. This encourages a focus on satisfaction and externalities.

A sustainable approach would involve creating an intrinsic motivation that is self determined by employees. They would have a sense of belonging to something bigger. They attach themselves to the mission of the organization and to the people they work with.

Our practices of short term ‘happy measures’ may in fact work against the sustainable leadership approach.

Sears started this when they demonstrated a ratio of profitability correlated to employee satisfaction. Does this foundation of evidence lead us to bad practices?

I am definitely not the first to consider this:
Paul Kearns is Director of PWL


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Leading in troubled times

This post addresses the needs of your team members and how they can help you in troubled times. I use a story about a good buddy (Calvin) who taught me a lesson.

The second thing this story does is challenge the typical strategies we may use to deal with job security anxiety.

Many of us were taught Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as the premise of behaviour and motivation. I find this model very useful, but it can produce ineffective strategies for engagement when we seek to grow from the bottom up, we never go after the heart at the top.

Maslow’s hierarchy – is it really the definitive set of needs

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