Well meaning leaders, need to pause and pay attention to the needs of followers

Every once in a while you see a great illustration of a concept that is hard to communicate. Leadership should be about walking along side people and progressing together. Far too often it becomes a well meaning person dragging others behind them.

It has been hot here in Vancouver and we have been spending the evenings outside with friends watching our kids play. Keon, the little boy in the picture below,  is a great big brother. He watches out for his little sister Mya and tries to keep her safe. He knew she was suppose to stay on the grass and off the road. He went over and said “Mya we need to stay on the grass.” She knew that, but has a mind of her own. Keon ever so gently took her arm to lead her to the grass. Then he pointed his eyes to the goal he had in mind and dragged her there screaming. When this happens and it happens often, she is likely to fall on the pavement and scrape her knee. The other thing she is likely to do is go the opposite direction when she sees Keon the well meaning leader coming. IMG_0181

So how often when you intend to be a leader, do you engender this response from would be followers?


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