Kendra’s Leadership Lesson – Where does your help come from

Kendra’s Leadership Lesson

Off to the weekend. Looking forward to having my kids teach me.

What I learned from Kendra, my almost 3 year old girl. Last night we walked to the park. Kendra is a cautious little girl, but still loves to do things on her own. I am her Dad, I love to help her all the time. As most of us do, she can climb her way up ladders, but she has a harder time coming down. I would like to go over and teach her how to get back down and spot her along the way. She would rather figure it out on her own and like last night she will tell me, “Daddy go sit down on the bench.” I did, she climbed down a couple of stairs, doing it her way, got scared and then called me back with a little quiver in her lip. I helped just enough for her to get down and then we celebrated her success.

Do you currently have help that you do not use? Do you recognize that those who would help loved to be asked? I know I do.

Have a great weekend.


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